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Rehabilitation And Renovation Of Security Fence Of Airport Outer Perimeter - Ongoing

  • Supply And Installation of New Security Fence inclusive of all related civil works.
  • Repair of existing fence wherever required
  • Removal and Replacement of Existing fence in designated areas
  • Relocation And Shifting Of Existing CCTV And Lighting Poles Throughout The Outer Fence Perimeter.

Airport Outer Perimeter Renovation Project at RACO

Replace & Repair The Neck Columns (17 nos) For PLB Project

  • Scope of Work of this Project is to replace and repair the neck columns (17 Nos) for PLB project of DACO (Part A-Civil Works) including fire hydrant.
  • Engineering Design and drawings, demolition of existing Neck Columns, demolition of existing pavements 200mm Thickness, Excavation, disposal of debris
  • Concrete casting for Neck Columns including formworks and reinforcement.
  • Waterproofing, Backfilling, Casting for Walkway including formwork and reinforcement.
  • Grouting below the base plate, Remove and repaint PBB's parking with thermoplastic.
  • Relocation and installation of complete fire fighting system

Repair The Neck Columns at DACO
Repair The Neck Columns at DACO