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INTERFACCIA offers hi-tech cutting edge technology enabled green energy and hygiene solutions to our clients around the world.

We provide path breaking and innovative energy saving products through our strong tie up with our patented technology partners across the world.

Incorporated in 2007 in Singapore with footprints in India and US. Our team has collective international experience of more than 100 man years in Engineering.

High Efficiency Fan Blades

  • Energy Efficient
  • Short Payback Periods
  • Corrosion & Erosion Resistance
  • Wide Range
  • Vibration Free
  • H'FLO Fan blades

    H'FLO Fan blades are manufactured out of Fibreglass material of pre designed configuration with Epoxy or Vinyl for special applications and are hollow in construction.

    H'FLO 'HOLLOW BLADE' design incorporates many of the IDEAL BLADE features like high efficiency / low drag aerofoil shapes, larger twists, wider chord widths and superior surface finish of the blades with an extremely high fatigue resistance

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