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We are an accredited professional training company providing high quality training for oil and gas industry in all aspects related to technical , QHSSE ,and Management. Our company Experts are working toward performance improvement and consequently, our target is to lower NPT through vocational training and technical development for different oilfield professionals.

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sasintl training
sas training
sas training
sas training
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sas training
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sas training
sas training

Highly Profes­sional Experts

Our highly profes­sional Subject Matter Experts can deliver variety of courses including Well Control courses (Drilling and Well Intervention towards both IADC and IWCF certification), all HSE courses, Mechanical and Hydraulics Courses in addition to customized technical training courses around different specialties (Cementing Operations, Drilling operations, Drilling Fluids, Directional and Horizontal Drilling, Coil Tubing operations, Stimulation, Well Testing and production etc.) . We can also customize many other technical training courses based on your requirements

Courses & Accreditation

 Level 2 Drilling & Wells Personnel

 Level 3 Equipment Operator

 Level 4 Well Site Supervisor

 Level 2 Drilling & Wells Personnel

 Level 3 Equipment Operator

 Level 4 Well Site Supervisor

 Awarness level

 Introductory Level

 Driller Level

 Supervisor Level

 Coiled tuing




  Oil & Gas Representative

 First Aid

 First Aid, AED , and CPR Train the Trainer

 H2S Awareness

 H2S Train the Trainer

 H2S and SCBA Safety Train the Trainer

 Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry

 Mobile Elevated Work Platform

 Safe Welding, Cutting and Brazing

 Safe Loading and Unloading

 Rigging & Lifting Train the Trainer

 Fire Warden/Marshal Safety Course

 Environmental Pollution and Control

 Confined Space Inspection, Entry, Rescue

 Scaffolding Safety, Erection and Dismantling

 Fall Protection & Vertical Rescue Train the Trainer

 Basic Fire Fighting Instructor Development Program

 Emergency Response Planning Instructor Development

 Gas Testing Instructor Development

 Advanced Mud School

 Basic Mud School

 Basic Safe Chemical Handling

 Confined Space

 Defense Driving- Light Vehicles

 Defense Driving-Heavy Vehicles

 Fire Safety

 Hazard Communication

 Hazard Recognition

 Stuck Pipe Prevention

 Lockout Tagout

 Defensive Driving Train the Trainer

 Qualified to Issue the Land and Offshore Endorsement

 Managing Safely

 Working Safely

 NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) Approved (Arabic & English)

 NEBOSH Certificate in Health & Safety at Work (HSW) Approved (Arabic & English)

 NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil & Gas Safety

 Level 1 Award in Fire Safety Awarenes

 Level 2 Award in Fire Safety

 Level 2 International Award in Fire Safety

 Level 1 Award in Food Safety Catering

 Level 2 Award in Food Safety Catering

 Level 2 Award in Food Safety For Manufacturing

 Level 2 Award in HACCP For Manufacturing

 Level 3 Award in Food Safety Super For Manufacturing

 Level 2 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering

 Level 2 Award in Risk Assessment

 Level 2 International Award in First Aid at Work

 Level 3 International Award in First Aid at Work

 Gold Membership

 Provide More Than 36 Courses

 NASP Certified Safety Manager

 Advanced First Aid, CPR and AED / Automated External Defibrillator/ CPR and AED / Emergency Medical Responder/ First Aid Only

 Basic/ Advanced First Aid

 Completion and Workover

 Well Intervention (Well Completion,Wireline and Coiled tubing Operations)

 Well Simulation Techniques

 Well Services-Slickline Operation

 Fundamental of Coiled Tubing Operations

 Advanced of Coiled Tubing Operations

 Coiled Technical and Advanced Technology

 Stimulations and Acidizing Matrix

 Nitrogen Maintenance and Operations

 Flow Assurance (Theory, Problems &Treatments)

 Fishing, Perforating and Other Slick line Application

 Advanced Well Completion and Work over Technologies

 Artificial Lift Systems and Technology

 Acidizing Applications in Sandstones and carbonates

 Formation Damage: Causes, Prevention, and Remediation

 Horizontal and Multilateral Wells:Completions and Stimulation

 Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

 Well Stimulation: Practical and Applied

 Introduction to Drilling Fluids

 Introduction to Drilling and Well Operation

 Advanced Drilling Fluids

 Advanced Completion Fluids

 Solid Control Systems

  Mud logging courses

 Basics of Petrophysics

 Advanced Petrophysics and Formation - Basic Well Test Design and Analysis Evaluation

 Integration of Petrophysics and core analysis

 Logging while drilling tools and theory

 Petroleum Subsurface Geology

 Formation Pore Pressure Estimation

 Hydraulics and optimization of drilling parameters course

 Organic Geochemistry

 Rock Mechanics

 Basic Reservoir Engineering

 Advanced Reservoir Engineering

 Basic Well Test Design & Analysis

 Heavy Oil Production

 Petroleum Reservoir Managment

 Progressive Cavity Pumps(PCP)

 Reservoir Engineering for Petroleum Geologist

 Reservoir Fluid Properties and EOS

 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

 Petroleum Fundamental

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