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Shale Shaker Screens

These revolutionary three-dimensional screens offer the benefits of traditional flat multi-layered screens while adding a significant increase in usable screen area.

The result is a screen that increases fluid handling capacity. Our screens provide an easy, cost effective increase in shaker performance. Designed with the latest technology, The screens allow rigs to screen finer earlier in the drilling process, thus significantly reducing mud and disposal costs. All screens are API compliant.

Advantages of Shale Shaker Screens

  • Increased Shaker Capacity
  • Makes Fine Separations
  • Fits Existing Shakers
  • Screen Finer Faster
  • Drier Cuttings
  • Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • With the technology development and innovation, the screens emerge as the times require improving the screening effect. Adopting the latest international design concept to break the confine of the conventional pattern of the flat screens, to improve the effective area to the maximum. According to statistics, the effective area of a screen obtains 125%to 150% of a flat screen.
  • With more effect area, the pyramid screens prolong the filtering time of the drilling fluid, which obtains better screening effect and improves the quality of drilling fluid and increases the production and decreases the waste.
  • The screens provided by Sunray adopt high quality stainless steel to fabricate. The waved cloth is well-bonded to the metal backing plate by special glue under high temperature
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