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Group Companies in Saudi Arabia

Our headquarters are based in Al-Jubail, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and we’ve grown our branch offices in Al-Khobar and Fadhli in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our group companies include the following:

SAS Flare International Co. Ltd

Branch of SASINTL



SAS Trading Est. - Sister Concern

Apart from our group companies, we also represent and partner with global businesses who are interested in promoting their brands, products and services to the Oil & Gas, Power Petrochemical, Water and Marine Industries in the Middle-East. Our strategic placement and reputation in the industry have allowed us to represent different global businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Renowned as a Business Partner

As a Saudi Government-authorized company, SAS Flare International Co. also functions as a business partner for different business firms. We focus on developing a culture of inclusivity, where we create mutually beneficial relationships with different industrial businesses. The following are certain firms that we represent in Saudi Arabia: