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Construction Projects -Civil, Mechanical and Electrical

As a specialized contractor, we take great pride in offering impeccable construction services for different fields. Whether you need mechanical, electrical or civil construction services, our contribution to your project will add value and ensure its success

Mechanical Construction

Our mechanical construction services are diverse and are designed to accommodate various project needs. Our team of professionals applies their industry knowledge and work experience to give you the best results. The commendations that we’ve won as a turnkey contractor, over the years,serve as a testament to our quality in services.

Our Services in Mechanical Construction:

Fabrication – Piping and steel structure

Erection – Piping and steel structure

Installation of Equipment – Static and Rotating

Painting and Finishing


Electrical Construction

As specialized contractors, we have completed different electrical construction projects. SASINTL has also successfully worked with different companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Our expertise, dedicated team, and our industry knowledge all make us stand out. Our clients trust and respect us for being able to successfully handle different complex projects.

Our Services in Electrical Construction

We offer the following different services for electrical construction:

Cabling – power, signal control and fiber optic

Establishing Systems – DCS, Power and Lighting

Protection Systems – Lightning, Earth and Cathodic

Alarm Systems for Detection – Gas and Fire

Control System- Instrument

Security and Monitoring Systems - SMATV/CCTV

Sub-station Systems - HV/MV

Civil Construction

As specialized contractors, SASINTL also focuses on civil construction. Our team of experts understands how to handle fine details, deadlines, specifications, and more. We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools you need. The SASINTL team comprises highly trained and competent professionals who specialize in civil construction.

Our Services in Civil Construction

We offer the following different services for civil construction:




Super Structure

Industrial Building

Architectural Finish

Pipe Rack


Plant Road


Landscaping Work

Certified and Well Trained

Working with SASINTL means getting quality in everything you do. Our team is certified and works with industry standards to give you the best results possible. We also have an established reputation as specialized contractors for our quality and attention to all applicable safety standards.

Our diversity in construction services also allows us to work on a wide array of projects. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you!

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