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sasintl metal manufacturing
sasintl metal manufacturing
sasintl metal manufacturing
sasintl metal manufacturing
sasintl metal manufacturing

Basic idea behind the formation of SAS Flare Metal Manufacturing is to serve its prospective clients by providing services for their fabrication requirements.SASINTL has always endeavored to innovative and help its clients to perform better, by meeting their demand for quality, service and competitiveness. SASINTL is one of the trusted names involved in manufacturing variety of standard and special-grade fasteners. SASINTL manufactures a broad range of extremely reliable, precise and accurate Stud Bolts, Anchor Bolts, U Bolts, Threaded Bars in Steel and Steel Alloys of different sizes from high quality Graded raw material.

At the same time we can facilitate customers by our ready stock, for hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, jam nuts and washers in black, electro galv., hot dip galv., stainless steel finish. SASINTL is considered as one of the few KSA leading manufacturers of special bolting for critical applications. Our company benefits from the dedication and combined strength of Technical & Commercial Staff. Today, we wish to be considered among manufacturers of stud-bolts and special bolting as a reference, not only for precise and accurate manufacturing reliability but also for service performance. We can proudly say that our fasteners are manufactured using 'state-of-the-art' technology. Our qualified technical team ensures that every product is tested for it's quality using a fully controlled quality management system maintaining traceability of the products from their initial source of supply to final dispatch to the customer.


Hand Rail

Cage Ladder


Pipe Support


Embedded Plates

Customized Fabrications

Heavy Hex Structural Bolts - ASTM A325M

  • The Bolts will generally conform to ANSI B.18.23.7M - Metric Heavy Hex Structural Bolts
  • Treads will conform to 6g of ANSI B1.13M
  • Material : High grade carbon/alloy steel
  • Heat Treatment : As per ASTM A325M and ASTM F568 class 8.8
  • Thread Length LT.LT1 for L <= 100, LT2 for L > 100
  • All dimensions are in millimeters
  • Physical properties

    No Physical properties Type 2
    1 Nominal Thread Size M16 to M36
    2 Tensile Strength (min.)(N/mm2) 830
    3 Proof Load Stress (min.)(N/mm2) 600
    4 On GL = 2” Elongation % (min.) 12
    5 Reduction of Area % (min.) 35
    6 Hardness HR C23 - C34

    Hexagon Head Bolts / Screws DIN 931/933

  • The Bolts and screws will generally conform to ISO 4014,ISO 4017 and DIN 931/933
  • Threads will confirm to Class 6g of ISO 965/2 Coarse Series
  • Material : High grade carbon/alloy steel
  • Heat Treatment : Property Class 6.6 or 10.9
  • Thread Length LT. LT1 for L <= 125, LT2 for L > 125 to 200, LT3 for L > 200
  • Screw length equal to or shorter than those listed in coloumn 'LFT' will be a fully threaded
  • Sizes in brackets are non-preferred standards.
  • All dimensions are in millimeters
  • Physical Properties

    No PROPERTY CLASS 5.8 6.8 8.8 ≤M16 8.8 >M16 10.9
    1 Tensile Strength, (Min.) 520 600 800 830 1040
    2 Yield Strength, 0.2% offset (Min.) 420 480 640 660 940
    3 Proof Load Stress 380 440 580 600 830
    4 Shear Strength, (Min.) 300 360 480 498 624
    5 Hardness Rockwell B82 - B99.5 B89 - B99.5 C22 - C32 C23 - C34 C32 - C39
    6 Elongation % on GL= 5.65 √A
    (Min)A = Cross Sectional Area.
    10 8 12 12 9

    Hexagon Head Bolts / Screws - SAE J429

  • The bolts/screws will generally conform to SAE J429. (Bolts/Screws which will also generally conform to American Standard ANSI B18.2.2.1)
  • Threads will conform to Class 2A of Unified threads(Coarse/Fine) of ANSI B1.1
  • Material: High grade carbon/alloy steel
  • Heat Treatment: As per Grade 5 or 8 (Bolts/Screws made to Grades 5 and 8 as per SAE J429 will also generally conform to requirements of BS 1768 Grade S and V respectively).
  • Thread Length LT: LT1 for L ≤ 6 LT2 for L > 6
  • Screw Lengths equal to or shorter than those listed in column LFT will be fully threaded
  • All dimensions are in inches.
  • Physical properties

    No Physical properties Grade 5 Grade 8
    1 Tensile Strength (Min.) psi 120000 150000
    2 Tensile Strength (min.)(N/mm2) 827 827 1034
    3 Proof Load Stress psi 85000 120000
    4 Proof Load Stress N/mm2 586 827
    5 Elongation % on GL=2" (Min.) 14% 12%
    6 Rockwell Hardness HR C25 – C34 C33 - C39
    7 Reduction of Area % (Min.) 35% 35%

    Hexagon Strength Friction Grip Bolts(10.9 Gr.)

  • Standard Specification : BS 4395 Part 2 Equivalent to DIN 6914, 6915
  • Material : Alloy Steel
  • Strength Grade : Class 10.9
  • Threads : 6H of BS 3643 Part 1 & 2
  • Surface Finish : Black, Hot Dipped Galvanized


    Octagonal & Conical Lighting Poles

    The Octagonal and Conical shaped steel poles for street lighting, garden lighting and area lighting are manufactured in single segment or in multiple-segments depending on height. Our Lighting poles are supplied with hot dip galvanizing as per international approved standards for maximum protection against corrosion

    High Mast Poles

    The high masts are designed according to I.L.E Technical Report No.7. The high mast shafts are polygonal in shape with height varying from 15 to 50 meters. High Masts are ideal lighting solution for lighting of airports, harbors, town centers etc.To maintain safety, productivity and efficiency in those areas, high-mast lighting is critical. Our high masts have mechanical latching system for better safety.

    Flag Poles

    Flag Poles can be manufactured in various lengths on request. We supply different flag poles in hot dip galvanized finish as well.Flagpoles are typically installed in a concrete base. The base increases in size with the height, diameter and increased weight of the pole. Typically, the concrete base is four times the diameter of the flagpole, and 10 percent of the height.

    Transmission Line Poles

    The octagonal shaped poles for overhead transmission low and medium voltage are manufactured in single segment. Galvanco Transmission Poles are supplied with hot dip galvanizing as per internationally approved standards for maximum protection against corrosion.

    Our Products

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