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Pipeline Projects

SASINTL specializes in offering services for different applications in the industry. Our core team also focuses on our pipeline and process services. These are offered for different applications in the engineering industry and can be used for different purposes

Our services as turnkey contractors include the following:




All our pipeline project services are offered for off-shore and on-shore plants and pipelines. We serve our clients to ensure that they face no issues. As turnkey contractors, we understand the challenges that this industry brings and tailor our services accordingly.

This has not only allowed us to offer services in different areas but also focus on giving our clients the best in services. We’re able to not only meet their needs but provide them with our full assistance to meet deadlines and accomplish their goals regarding deliverables.

Professional Services like No Other

Our diversity in services is backed up with an experienced team that is certified and understands the challenges of the field. At SASINTL, our top priority, even when handling pipeline projects, is to provide the highest quality services and prioritize client satisfaction.

We are renowned not only for our attention to detail but also for assigning the best and most professional members of our team to projects. We’re able to creatively improve staffing and manpower by providing innovative solutions which use your resources efficiently

Work With Us!

As specialized contractors, SASINTL makes use of effective team management, technical specialists and other features to make your job easier. We’re focused on offering support staff with the tools they need to implement all provisions in accordance with industry standards and as outlined in their Quality Management Systems.

We also take pride in our work and value your feedback. The aim is to not only ensure that the client’s interests are being met but that we develop a system that evolves with the company’s goals and objectives

About Us

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