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Rectification of MPC Warehouse (WH3 DAP1)

  • Scope of work for this project includes:
  • Civil construction work of MPC warehouse (WH3 DAP1)
  • Supply and installation of formworks
  • Supply and installation of concrete
  • Supply and installation of rebars and steel dowels


Jizan Substation 452-Civil, Architectural, Mechanical & Piping Works

  • Site mobilization of required working crew and equipment as per construction schedule
  • Site Preparation works, and earth works
  • Pile cap works as per drawings
  • Construction of Substructure foundations, auxiliary foundations, generator foundations, roads and pavings
  • Provision of piping for fire water system, sewage system, potable water system, RTR
  • Provision of roads,fencing & landscaping

Jizan Substation
Jizan Substation
Jizan Substation
Jizan Substation

Construction Of Rig Utility Portables For Saudi Aramco

  • This project is for the construction of 45 portable cabins for the Saudi Aramco rigs
  • There are 26 varieties of portables such as Foreman office, Electrical and mechanical work shops, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms etc
  • Portables were constructed on 40ft x 12ft heavy duty steel skids with full furnish.
  • All portables are designed for a minimum 20 years of lifespan and is capable to withstand harsh environment and heavy loads.

Utility Portables For Saudi Aramco
Utility Portables For Saudi Aramco
Utility Portables For Saudi Aramco
Utility Portables For Saudi Aramco

Construction Of SAR-201 Shaded Warehouse In Tanajib

  • Scope of Work : Civil,Fabrication, supply and installation of Pre Engineering building
  • Fabrication & erection of Shaded warehouse
  • Fabrication and Erection of Storage Racks in Shaded warehouse
  • Installation of Electrical, Plumping & Drainage facilities.
  • Main Structure : Pre Engineering Building
  • Misc. Structure : Hot Rolled steel structure

SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse
SAR Shaded Warehouse

Berri Gas Plant

Erection of Heat Exchanger and associated pipe spools work for Ethane Liquefaction Unit at F20 for Berri Gas plant Jubail

  • Civil Construction works including concrete foundation for pipe support and bridge.
  • Fabrication and Fixing of pipe Spools of different sizes
  • Laying of Instrumentation cablings
  • Fixing of instruments
  • Surface coating and insulation work.
  • Conducting Hydro Test in Pipe lines
  • Erection of heat Exchanger and tie in works.
  • Fabrication of structural piping bridge and pipe support

Berri Gas Plant
Berri Gas Plant

STFA Marine Const. Co. (Saudi Aramco Manifa projects)

  • Connection Plate with Lifting Arm, Screw Jack and Lifting Beam
  • Miscellaneous work for Barges.
  • Ro-Ro Berth Slab molding
  • Fabrication of Water Storage Tanks for Manifa project
  • Fabrication of Parapet Wall, Steel Platform etc for Barge
  • Fabrication of Rail Clips
  • Rebar setup Platforms and templates
  • Scaffolding material supply
  • Structural Ramp
  • Fabrication and fixing of Storage Shelter
  • Floating Jetty and Walkway
  • Miscellaneous works



  • Fabrication, supply and installation of crane beam with trolley winch for Aramco Rig
  • Renovation of three Portables
  • Construction of Mechanical & Electrical Shop for SAR 153
  • Construction of Foreman’s office for SAR 103

Technip Saudi Arabia Projects

  • Fabrication and Supply of supply of steel structures
  • Fabrication and supply of pipe spools Project:- Jubail Export Refinery, Steam Blow Exit Piping EP4-EP12
  • Fabrication and Supply of Pipe Spools for SATORP Project

Turki Bin Thabit Cont.

  • Fabrication and erection of temporary Material shelter for Satorp