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H2O Biofouling Solutions provides complete solutions to prevent biofouling risk in industrial water systems.H2O headquarters is situated in the Netherlands.

Only H2O BFS offers a complete solution for biofouling control. Beneficial for new and existing (coolling) water systems.

H2O BFS offers a One-stop-shop for:

  • Consultancy services.
  • Biofouling Control Procedures.
  • Dosing system design.
  • Monitoring protocols.
  • Biomonitoring systems
  • H2O is unique in providing complete biofouling control packages to achieve the most cost-efficient biofouling control application. Our solution is always based on site specific conditions to be able to guarantee an effective biofouling control procedure.

    Our Services

    H2O Biofouling Solutions, helping you to PREDICT, PREVENT and CONTROL Biofouling.

    Based on a combination of innovative technologies with a scientifically proven background and practical experience, H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. provides you with effective biofouling control procedures resulting in economic and environmental benefits.

    Benefits of working with H2O BFS:

  • 20+years of unique experience in biofouling control.
  • Site-specific solutions resulting in guaranteed effectiveness of bioufouling control.
  • One-stop-shop for consultancy services, biocide/hardware engineering, dosing design, and monitoring, providing you with a complete package for resulting in the most cost-efficient biofouling control solution.
  • Worldwide coverage with offices and service network.
  • Biofouling Monitoring systems which provide continuous insight in the effectiveness of the applied treatment.
  • Best Available Technique to to mitigate and prevent biofouling risk in industrial water systems.

    H2O Biofouling Solutions provides the most comprehensive solution to the corrosive and costly effects of biofouling.


    Monitor and optimize the performance of your cooling water system. Control the risk of biofilms, scaling and corrosion.

    This approach results in an efficient treatment program and provides excellent operational reliability in the system


    Biofouling Monitoring systems which provide operators continuous insight in the risk for biofouling settlement.

    This provides real time biofouling monitor system to achieve an early warning for biofouling build up in the system.


    On-line biofilm monitoring system.

    Best early warning system for biofilm build up in a water system.

    An important tool to control the risk of legionella growth.


    We understand that the use of seawater needs the protection of the environment and ecosystems.

    Therefore we work together with expert partners in respect to seawater intake screening system and fish and mammal deflection and return systems.


    Root Cause Analysis


    Biofouling related problems like corrosion (MIC) or blockage of filters and pipes can have different causes.

    To prevent future operational problems due to biofouling it is very important to identify the root cause.


    Training Courses

    H2O provides together with its partner AZES Energy Solutions, trainings programs on topics related to cooling-water and process water to give operators and managers the opportunity to learn more about cooling and process water treatment.


    Global Presence

    About Us

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