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Group Companies in Saudi Arabia

Our headquarters are based in Al-Jubail, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and we’ve grown our branch offices in Al-Khobar and Fadhli in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our group companies include the following:

SAS Flare International Co. Ltd

Branch of SASINTL


Apart from our group companies, we also represent and partner with global businesses who are interested in promoting their brands, products and services to the Oil & Gas, Power Petrochemical, Water and Marine Industries in the Middle-East. Our strategic placement and reputation in the industry have allowed us to represent different global businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Renowned as a Business Partner

As a Saudi Government-authorized company, SAS Flare International Co. also functions as a business partner for different business firms. We focus on developing a culture of inclusivity, where we create mutually beneficial relationships with different industrial businesses. The following are certain firms that we represent in Saudi Arabia: